Man With 22 Cats Spends Big To Turn His Home Into A Cat Paradise

Cat lover, Peter Cohen, turned his Santa Barbara, California, home into a veritable theme park for his 22 rescue cats with dozens of catwalks, cubbies, hideaways and elevated spaces for their indoor adventures. The home is covered in them and his cats — Smokey, Vanilla, Poppyseed, Butter, Nutter, Coffeebean, Donut, Secret, Cheesecake, Chocolate, MiniBean, Climber, Mikan, Mango, Nugget, Smudge, Jupiter Jones, Blackbird, Cookie Monster, The Professor, Crumple and Rumple — spend entire days going on the kind of excursions many kitties only dream of. Cohen designed all the home’s feline-friendly features himself, with his carpenters finishing the work, so it’s an environment that both he and the cats can enjoy. Via: Adventure Cats

Check out the video below and scroll down to see more amazing pictures from his cat paradise.